Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hille's Hit

At first look it wasn't great. At second look it hadn't improved. At third look (sometime after I heard the match review panel cleared him) I wonder what it was they had been smoking.

To quote the match review panel:
"The match day report laid against Essendon’s David Hille for charging the Geelong Cats’ Jimmy Bartel from Friday’s match was assessed. The panel said that Essendon’s Jobe Watson had the ball and had directed a pass to his teammate Hille. Jimmy Bartel moved to cut off the kick and got to the marking contest first. The panel said Hille had his eyes on the ball and was attempting to take a chest mark. He turned to brace himself for contact, which was made to Bartel's body and shoulder. It was considered a legitimate attempt to mark the ball. No further action was taken."

It sounds perfectly reasonable, until you look at the vision. Hille's last movement is to swing his shoulder and elbow forward into Bartel. Last time I check that isn't the motion of protecting oneself of going for the mark.

The got Kosi right though, and Dawson for that matter.

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