Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Greatest Team of All

Not quite, but what a magnificent performance. Happy to say I told you so too. The Pies fought long and hard, but in the end the Cats ran over them as the Pies ran out of legs. Their Grand Final was a week before; if the emotion wasn't enough the exhaustion was and it showed.

We had the pleasure of witnessing what was a fantastic tussle of great skill in difficult conditions for 3 quarters. Tough, uncompromising, skilful and inspiring. Both sides had showed their controlled the game for stages, but not by enough to set the tone, not until the 3rd when the Cats eventually clawed over the Pies. The 4th, well that was the icing on the cake.

As for the Norm Smith, I called it before the game (but was otherwise occupied and not near my laptop), and it was well deserved.

And Tommadud? A brilliant 4th quarter of contested marking, 3 behinds from gettable set shots, and some lack lustre second efforts. Ok I admit it I'm being harsh. He stood up when it counted and at least gave Geelong the target they needed, and came through with the goods. Thank God Stevie J forced the handball receive to kick the goal at one stage though.

And finally, the Greatest Team of All? No. Four Grand Finals and three premierships in five years is damned impressive. Especially in this day and age of equalisation. However I think the Lions wining three in a row and having a final attempt is more impressive. Mainly because three in a row is ridiculous, and the Cats couldn't manage back to back, but really because they are the Brisbane Lions...from Brisbane...and won their three in the row against the might of Melbourne based super clubs at the MCG. As for the Hawks of the 80's and 91? Cats aren't close yet, couple more flags to go.

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