Sunday, May 2, 2010

AFL Round 6 review

Another 4. 27 for the season, 8 off the top of the comp I'm in, 3 off the bottom. Credibility waning (if it hadn't disappeared)

Saints d Doggies by 3 - Epic contest is was not. I hate St Kilda. They are so damned boring. However, this was one the Dogs chose to lose. They refused to take on the Saints flood/zone and as expected, turned it over but piss farting around. I would normally say the Dogs deserved to win it, but their refusal to take on the Saints lost them the game. As for the Saints, well they continue to defy critics (well me) and win when it counts and without Reiwoldt.

Kangaroos d Demons by 26 - And what a cracker it was! Roos were allover the Dees early, but 6 straight at the end of the third brought the Dees right back into the contest. The Roos however had enough steal to stick it out and kick away. Another excellent performance with grit (see last weeks win over the Hawks). The Des can take a lot out of the game too. Essentially they managed to drag a game back that was looking like it was over and make it a contest again. Sure they ended up losing but there are enormous positives.

Port d Crows by 23 - Well it sounded like this one was an excellent match with both sides holding their own for most of the game before the Power managed to overcome the Crows in the last quarter.

Bombers d Hawks by 43 - The Bombers did exactly what they had to, run the Hawks off their feet. Whilst this was defintely a game of the non-contenders, so many skill errors, the Bombers did very well to congest the Hawks forward line and were willing to take the game and the Hawks on. The Hawks in contrast pretty much failed to fire on all levels and questions have to be asked about how good this side actually is. The Bombers got exactly what they deserved, a good win. BTW Patrick Ryder continues to display a certain less than averageness that demonstrates his over-hypedness.

Swans d Lions by 20 - First test for the Swans, and a pass mark is what they achieved! The Lions finally kicked up a gear in the finally quarter to get 7 scoring shots to 3 but inaccuracy cost them and they ended up going down by 20 points. The most impressive thing for mine was that the swans did it when both Brown and Fev fired with 4 goals a piece (although Bradshaw top them both with 6). Great win! As for the Lions, well their legitamcy must be questioned. Sure it was at the SCG but this is 2 losses in a row. Have they been worked out? Are they one dimensional? I look forward to their response

Cats d Tigers by 108 - Damn, I only said Cats by 80!

Pies d Blues by 43 - A tight first term on the scoreboard was nullified by another dominant display from the Pies. The following three quarters yeilded 7, 6 and 7 goals and that would indicate that it should have been all over, but in the 2nd and 3rd the Blues kicked 4 and 6 of their own to reel the rampaging Pies in to 3 points. But that was it. Pies steamrolled them in the last.

Dockers d Eagles by 38 - It started as a hard contest with Eagles getting away early, but then Freo stood up and stopped the Eagles getting a goal for a quarter and a half and it was all over. Too much class from Freo (it still feels wrong saying it). Once again they win when they should. The Eagles, well they were playing a team a class above. They have a much better chance next week.

So how do the teams really sit after round 6:

1. Sydney - defeating the Lions with Fev and Brown doing well is a fantastic achievement. They are taking on all comers. They play the Cats next, now that's mouth watering!

2. Collingwood - Another great display, and another pretender downed. Like the Swans they are taking on all comers and doing it with minimum fuss. The flag favourite at the moment.

3. Essendon - They weren't that good. But they were a hell of a lot better than the Hawks. They were desperate and they were coached well. Great signs for a developing team that is expected to be up and down.

4. North Melbourne - Backing up a great win last week with another instills massive confidence in a group that was put to the sword not long ago. They, like Melbourne, now sit comfortably in that next rung of top 8 challengers.

5. St. Kilda - They didn't deserve to win, but they did, again. Somehow they manage to get over the line when they need to. I still have my questions, but so far at 5-1 you can't question the results.

6. Fremantle - Like the Pies and Swans doing everything they can to demonstrate legitimacy. And this was just that little bit sweeter as it was over a home town rival.

7. Port Adelaide - Showdown or not, Adelaide are in dire straights and this was a game that simply had to be won. 4-2 and the Power are positioning themselves nicely, and they have a soft draw coming up that could see them capitalise.

8. Geelong - They had no opponent, but they avenged their loss and did it without their best player.

9. Melbourne - whilst it wasn't the closest defeat, it was one that demonstrated fight. Other than the loss itself there are great signs. Doggies next week a huge test, but not one without hope.

10. Brisbane - Yes it was a loss, but its now been proven that it was against a serious challenger

11. Adelaide - They lost, again. But it wasn't a complete flogging and there were probably better signs in this game than in any other this season. A win coming soon.

12. West Coast - See Adelaide. I'll go early and say, this week.

13. Richmond - There's nothing to say. Really. Sorry Tiges fans, but there isn't anything to gain out of a 100+ point flogging.

14. Carlton - Devastating loss. They had a decent team in (well, considering their list), but ultimately failed because they are just not good enough. Perhaps this is a harsh assessment considering they got to within 3 points, but really that flattered them. They have a lot to learn, and their much hyped midfield was well beaten. Perhaps the kiddies need more experience.

15. Western Bulldogs - I wanted to put them last. They deserved it after their lack of hunger and desire to take the game on when it was there to be won. If I was a Dogs fan I would be gutted. Soul searching required.

16. Hawthorn - Pathetic. Its actually too kind. This was one of the worst performances of the year. They are slow, their midfield can't win a clearance, they are predictable all over the ground, especially going forward, and they were comprehensively out coached, which in itself is sad when Knights is the one doing it. Usually I don't high light poor performances but I will. Thomas Murphy is a dreadful AFL standard footballer. It is a testament to the Hawks lack of depth that he is currently best 22. Its hard to believe they haven't got a better player to bring in.

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