Friday, April 9, 2010

Fang's tips for Round 3

St. Kilda v Collingwood - Heath Shaw is a massive out. Its really going to hurt their run from the backline and they need all the help they can get in that area against a Saints side the loves to make it hard to leave their forward line. Harry O must play on Reiwaldt outside of 50, and Presti should pick him up when he is in it. Hard to actually construct those match ups. Saints do well against the Pies and I can't see this being any different. 18 points.

North Melbourne v West Coast - Another rule of tipping, don't back a side that lost by 100 points or more in the previous week. And West Coast did almost beat Port last week. Gotta go the Eagles, by 18.

Carlton v Essendon - Essendon have given me nothing to tip them. I question their 3 quarters against the Cats, and attribute that more to the Cats not really trying. The Blues have shown me something, a 3rd quarter last week that was sublime. On to of that the Bombers have dropped over a quarter of their side and the Blues have made a form change. Stability in the line up equals the win for me. Blues by 30

Sydney v Richmond - Hmm let me think. Actually, no need. Sydney by plenty, 45 points

Port Adelaide v Brisbane - Brisbane is away from home for the first time of the year and I'm still not entirely convinced that they are not a 2 man side. They've done well, no mistake, but so has Port. They held of a fast finishing, albeit poor, opponent in North and then had a great come from behind win against West Coast. I reckon Port has enough at home to pip the Lions, but it'll be a close one, 6 points.

Melbourne v Adelaide - I want to tip Melbourne after they showed a heck of a lot last week. I want to tip Melbourne because Adelaide have been dreadful. I want to tip Melbourne because its at the G. But I'm tipping Adelaide because they have hardened bodies, are actually a good side, and have the perfect opportunity to bounce back. Adelaide by 30

Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn - Doggies had a stroll last week, Hawks busted a gut. On that and also the fact that the Dogs have done very well against the Hawks in recent times I'm going Doggies by 18.

Fremantle v Geelong - Two tipping rules come into play, 1. Never tip Freo and 2. Always tip Geelong. So that is what I am going to do. I wish the game was as clear cut though. Geelong were very good last week against a determined if tiring Hawks. But with Mooney and Scarlett out their structures are going to be out of whack. Fremantle has defied all expectation and actually won a couple of games of footy. Not only that, they won away! This is a new look Freo side and frankly they are still very much unknown. This is the big test though. Win and we learn something about Freo being able to grab their opportunities. Lose and we are still in the dark. Cats by 25.

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