Sunday, April 11, 2010

Review Round 3

A word of caution, do not assume that I have any knowledge about football. 3 tips...that's just sad for a guy writing a footy blog.

St. Kilda
d Collingwood by 28 - For a low scoring game this was a beauty. The Pies went the knuckle early and it seemed to work as the Saints looked rattled. Rooey was nullified and then when he twanged his hammy it looked all over. But the Pies woeful kicking kept the Saints in it, and in the end they willed themselves over the line.

North Melbourne d West Coast by 25 - OK well, er, that's a rule I can cross off the list then. North was very good and led superbly by Harvey. West Coast made too many errors. They had their chances in the last but squandered them.

Brisbane d Port Adelaide by 27 - Well they may not be a 2 man side, but those 2 still kicked 8 (geez Browny is good, another 5). Sherman bobbing up with 4 didn't hurt. Brisbane started well and just carried on. A 40+ point 3 quarter time margin was too much to be reeled back.

Essendon d Carlton by 20 - This one sits as one that got away for the Blues. They look the better side on paper, but paper don't win you footy games. Essendon ran harder and attacked more. But lets not get away from one glaring fact, this was a game played by two very average teams, playing average football.

Sydney d Richmond by 55 - No surprise at all. Tigers had tons of skill errors. Sydney didn't.

Melbourne d Adelaide by 16 - OK so I was wrong (but its been a shocking round for me). Dees carried on their form from the Pies and notched up a great win against a Crows outfit that are struggling badly. Melbourne started poorly, but due to several injuries to Adelaide they managed to claw their way back in a low scoring affair.

Western Bulldogs d Hawthorn by 16 - This game had echoes of last week Cats v Hawks encounter. The Hawks couldn't get away even though they dominated early, but in the third they really started to put their stamp on the game as injuries forced it to open up. Had it not been for dreadful goal kicking they would have had a handy lead. In the end the Hawks ran out of puff, probably due to the hard game last week and shorter break, but the dogs class won out. Most notably their ability to nullify Franklin (who did range up the ground but looked in dreadful form).

Fremantle d Geelong by 7 - OK. I have no idea. That is another two rules down. Damn them! Freo was superb to stay in touch, but to come from behind at 3 quarter time against Geelong no less is astounding. Mind you I'm not prepared to call Freo legit, not yet.

And my ratings of the performances:

1. St. Kilda - stunning performance. Gone for all money but toughed it out without their superstar.
2. Fremantle - Holy Dockers AFL! Freo beat Geelong! WTF? Brilliant, exceptional and surely they are close to being taken seriously.
3. Melbourne - A win is a win is a win. They beat an Adelaide that was down in form, confidence and personnel. But you know what, they don't care. Great effort for a club that is bursting to prove itself.
4. North Melbourne - an excellent performance especially considering they were flogged to an inch of their lives last week.
5. Brisbane - A very good win away. You can't ask for more than taking up and passing each test thrown at them. I would love to see them win with a poor performance from Brown.
6. Essendon - Well at least they showed they can win. They beat a peer when they really weren't expected to.
7. Western Bulldogs - A very good win against a quality opponent. Some excellent performances, particularly from Lake, Cooney, Murphy and Gilbee. With Hall finally breaking free in the last from what had been a pretty good defensive effort by the hawks. Getting back on track.
8. Collingwood - They were very good, but let themselves down dreadfully with only 4 goals (none in the 2nd half) and 17 points.
9. Sydney - Did what was expected and so far have really faced their challenges well. Might be flying under some people's radars, but not mine.
10. Hawthorn - They ran out of legs in the end but their hardness can't be questioned. Still, they are 1-2 which makes the Pies next week a crucial clash.
11. Geelong - Yes they lost. Yes it was to Freo. But no Ottens, Mooney and Scarlet is massive. I really wouldn't be too concerned.
12. Carlton - would be very disappointed with that loss. Too many of their good players were nullified or effectively useless. No semblance of a forwardline strategy.
13. Port Adelaide - they were jumped early and could never catch up. They seem to be very much one of the also rans, not able to match it with the big boys.
14. West Coast - pretty disappointing really. Again they had their chances but just couldn't capitalise. 1.7 in the last, missing gettable shots is a sin.
15. Adelaide - A terrible loss. Yes there are excuses, but harsh reality says that they were not good enough against a team that really isn't that good. Very troubling times for a team that was earmarked as a cert for the finals.
16. Richmond - another poor showing and no signs of improvement. Sadly enough for Tigers fans this is a season they should just not got out of bed for.


  1. Well yes, they must be. But injuries and a poor preseason have killed them. They may well have won last week had they had any bench for the last quarter