Monday, April 26, 2010

Round 5 Review

Well an improvement (barely!), 4, and frankly not unhappy with missing Melbourne, Port or the Blues. Anyone that picked them arsed it.

Western Bulldogs d Adelaide by 49 - Pretty much nailed this one. I said 50 points, it was 49. I said don't bother watching TV, and I was so bored I went to bed half way through the 3rd. Dogs were slick and too good, Crows were crap, again.

Sydney d West Coast by 48 - Sydney were just too good all over the ground against a young and inexperienced side. Result as expected.

Melbourne d Brisbane by 50 - This one, I didn't see coming. What a magnificent effort from a relentless Melbourne. Midfield run through the corridor set this up, and a blanket job by Frawley on Brown was fantastic. Brisbane just didn't get fluency and really weren't in the game at all.

Port Adelaide d St. Kilda by 10 - A fantastic performance by Port to overcome a great team. I didn't see the game, but from what I hear it sounded like a slugfest of horrid proportions. Whilst St. Kilda led at every change, Port managed to overhaul them by somehow keeping them goalless in the last (even though they had more inside 50s) whilst kicking 3.1 themselves.

Collingwood d Essendon by 65 - This was slaughter. No doubt about it. The Bombers are just not good enough. That's not a surprise as there really isn't much depth of talent there and Knights hasn't demonstrated a plan B yet. The Pies were magnificent showing run and carry and Cloke finally standing up to kick a smallish bag of 4.

North Melbourne d Hawthorn by 12 - A great contest, but ultimately the result was virtually assured before teh bounce when Renouf the only Hawk ruck was a very late withdrawal. Roughead and Hodge in the Ruck threw the Hawks structures, and whilst they fought valiantly, the Roos were magnificent in playing to the Hawks weakness. Their hard tackling caused stoppage after stoppage and their height told out in the end.

Fremantle d Richmond by 39 - A 5 goal unanswered burst at the start of the game and many may have been thinking, "Ah the Freo of old", and "Why haven't the Tiges been able to do this against tamer opposition". However the Tigers only managed 6 more for the match and Freo simply out gunned them. Predictable result, if not beginning of the game.

Carlton d Geelong by 36 - This is the round of upsets! And whilst this isn't the biggest its still mighty impressive. The Blues ran the Cats off their feet with slick movement and options up forward. The Cats, well they just didn't look right. Slow through the middle and an impotent forward line. Very un-Cat like. I REALLY feel sorry for Richmond next week.

Who was the best performer of the week?

1. Melbourne - To have 3 wins in a row is a magnificent achievement, but to gain the last against an in form Brisbane was simply breathtaking. Melbourne are doing everything they can to, dare I say it, make a real push for the 8.

2. Port Adelaide - Knocking off the Saints is no mean feat. I haven't traditionally rated Port, but this is a fantastic effort. Maybe the Saints were ripe for the picking, but it doesn't matter. This was a great win from a club that simply must produce more wins.

3. Carlton - They backed up a needed and expected win against Adelaide by taking out the premiers. That's damn impressive. So will the real Carlton please stand up? We'll see what they are made of against the Pies next week. That should be a ripping match if the Blues can hold this form.

4. North Melbourne - Ferocious attack on the ball and the man led them to a great win. The Hawks were ripe to be picked off but lets not make excuses because the Roos won a game they weren't originally give too much hope to win, and most importantly when the Hawks took the lead North was good enough to snatch it back and run away with it.

5. Collingwood - Another week, another great performance. Sure they beat no one, but they did it in style. How far the Pies? Very.

6. Western Bulldogs - Back to the winners list, but can they stay there? They did what they should have done, no more no less. I'm still watching them with great interest.

7. Fremantle - A good, if unspectacular win. They need to do more and there is still a heavy reliance on Sandilands and Pav.

8. Sydney - It wasn't much of a contest, but they are doing all they can against the opponents the draw is throwing at them. Another I watch with interest, especially in coming weeks when things start getting tougher.

9. West Coast - They're just not good enough and whilst they'll bob up and win a few, they are a non-threat.

10. Geelong - The Cats are in an uncustomary position, hanging with the middle of the pack. It won't sit well with them, and until they lose a couple more I'm thinking this is an aberration

11. Richmond - Showed a bit early which would be pleasing to fans, but also frustrating because it only comes in small patches. Lots of work to do.

12. St. Kilda - Was it Kosi failing to fire a shot? Was it structure failing without Rooey? Was it pressure? Or was it the fact that they have only got inside 50 twice more than their opponents in 5 games, and that includes a slaughter of North. Its a key stat, keep watching.

13. Essendon - Woeful. Big stage, big failure. They need a forward line, a midfield with some skill and a backline. Oh and a coach. Not sold on Knights at all. Big test against the hapless Hawks next week.

14. Brisbane - They will be mortally disappointed. How they could lose against a young, inexperienced if hungry Demons is really beyond me. They have their doubters, but we don't know until we see a trend. Perhaps this is just an aberration (just like the Cats loss).

15. Hawthorn - They will be very disappointed. This was one that got away and it has seriously hurt their chances this year. Renouf hurt, but their list seems to lack depth. Franklin was great but Roughead unsighted due to ruck duties. Too many basic mistakes and only a few that were desperate. Back to the drawing board but they better start scribbling quickly because right now they look a long long way from finals. Next week against he Bombers is crucial. Lose that and they are gone.

16. Adelaide - They are dreadful. They have got nothing going for them in the slightest. Time for Craig to start again and remould his gameplan and reeducate his players, or get ones that can play the way he wants them to.

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