Saturday, October 2, 2010

AFL Grand Final Review #2

Finally, we have a winner.

The Pies have destroyed the Saints.

The first quarter set the tone with the Pies killing the Saints all over the ground and this time no sneaky goals to keep the Saints in it.

The second saw a Saints revival where they dominated the play but did a Pies of last week and couldn't buy a goal or capitalise on their domination. At that stage it really looked like the Saints had thrown their best at the Pies who had weathered the storm. Sidebottom looked to be the serious spark in the first half. Brown blanketed Reiwoldt and did a better job than last week.

The third opened with a quick goal to the Pies and as I texted to a friend the rout was on, and so it was. Simply awesome 3rd from the Pies and the game was officially over.

The best team of the year won the flag and MM moves finally into 'great' status winning a flag at two different clubs as a coach, and in doing so proving my personal favourite stat, coaches don't win flags after more than 8 years at a club. I would have sacked him 3 years ago. lol

For me, Sidebottom was the catalyst early but he faded and let those others he dragged along take more chances as the game opened up in the second half. Thomas was good all day, and coupled with his performance last week would have been a worthy Norm Smith medalist. But Pendles was consistent all day and was one of the three I would have given it to.

Of course there is something farcical about the whole thing, and that is Leon Davis getting a premiership medal when he didn't play in a premiership team. Not only does he not deserve one because he is a proven finals failure, but he didn't actually play in the game.

The Saints have more soul searching to do. 3 GF failures in a row, and frankly they looked slow and unskilled. Yes they have some great players, but too many weaker ones today. They need pace to break lines but they also need a functioning forward line. Playing Reiwoldt deep is foolish and Kosi is a spaz. Schneider was good but he played high half forward. Serious rethink of strategy because after 3 years or so 'up' they need something new I reckon. They won't achieve success in 2011 playing the same way.

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