Thursday, September 30, 2010

AFL Grand Final Preview #2

Well here we are again....Pies v Saints #2

So whats different? I'm more confident that the Saints can actually win I guess. They were brilliantly resilient and probably played better for most of the game last week. They'll take enormous belief into this game, and know that they can improve so much more. For example getting the ball into their forward 50 might be nice. When they did get it there they scored with ease.

And the Pies? Well I think they did really well last week, but just didn't capitalise. MM was right, poor options bombing too much rather than taking smarter options cost them because of the amount of rushed behinds the Saints forced. Their kicking wasn't that bad although they missed some gimmies. I also think there might be a bit of doubt in their minds, especially because they are generally young and inexperienced. They had the Saints on toast in the 2nd but couldn't take their opportunities and that can't be good for their confidence. When you're devastating best isn't good enough it has to have an impact. Although they did drop Davis, so at least they'll have 22 players this week.

So the winner is.... I'm reversing last weeks decision and going the Saints. I am banking on mental superiority. An interesting, meaningless and trivial fact, in the 2 previous draws the team that was on top of the ladder at the end of the regular season lost the GF replay.

Really though this is a classic 50-50 match. It could go either way and I just don't want to be a fence sitter.

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