Saturday, September 25, 2010

AFL Grand Final Review #1

Hahahahaha. Hilarious! and brilliant!

Pies draw with Saints.
What an amazing game! The Pies leapt out and dominated early before the Saints clawed their way back toward the end to the first quarter. Then the Pies walloped them in the 2nd and frankly at that stage it looked, how far Pies at half time.

But lo-and-behold the Saints turned the tables and absolutely dominated the second half. They just couldn't quite get their around the ground dominance translated to the forward 50.

It was a tight affair and a strong physical game, there'll be some sore boys tonight. All up it was a great grand final and I can't wait for next week, where hopefully we can get a winner.

Personally I thought that the Saints probably controlled the game for longer, but it was the Pies blistering first half that had the Saints playing catch up. Who let it slip? The Pies. They should have kicked on, but really accuracy let them down.

For mine, Goddard was BOG mainly because he led from the front for the entire game. Hayes was up there but faded in the second, and Thomas was the best for the Pies in my opinion.

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  1. Man. What a rollercoaster!! I hope its a blowout either way Saturday couldn't deal with another close one.

    Went through every emotion possible. Great early start, weather the first comeback, stretch the lead, looking good, weather the 2nd comeback, kick would could have been the sealer by Leon with 10 minutes left, then to pretty much lose it before actually hitting the front again and then ending up with nothing.

    Goddard was the game breaker not Hayes, Hayes was was great but Goddard turned the game with the help of Hayes.