Monday, September 13, 2010

AFL Review Finals Week 2

Apologies for being late, just had a really busy weekend so only a short review.

Cats d Freo by 69. Anyone surprised? No. Didn't think so. Cats had a training drill Freo looked ordinary with the kids succumbing to finals pressure, Sandilands injured and Headland a waste of space.

Where to for the Cats? Well they got out of the match with only what looked like niggles, so it really was like a training drill, or soft match simulation. Perfect warm up for the Pies. And Freo? They should actually be damned happy with their season. They stood up when needed and slapped the entire industry around quashing false expectations. They'll go into the preseason confident that they can build on this season.

Dogs d Swans by 5 points. Great game played like a regular season game, not like a final. Ultimately the Dogs won not because of ay inspired brilliance, but because the Swans gifted them the 3rd quarter. Simple, and yet another game decided by poor kicking.

Where to for the Dogs? A flogging by the Saints. Their game does not stand up to finals pressure. And the Swans? Well no Roos is huge, but the master has left the apprentice a full cupboard to work with. Lots of talent and the Swans will look to be just as impressive next year under Longmire.

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