Thursday, September 2, 2010

AFL Preview Finals Week 1

So here we are...we've cut that chaff of the comp out. Those 8 teams holding us back from this...The FINALS!

Geelong v Saints - This game should be a cracker! It will be close, especially with if the forecasted weather comes in. It will be tight in close with a lot of contested ball. Both teams are happy to mix it up that way so expect a fierce physical contest. For me, I think the Cats have better form and have a more solid 22. The Saints threw the last game and I think their last 6 or so players aren't really anything special. So Cats by 14 in a tight, hard contest. Another thing, whoever wins this will have earned their week off, and the loser, will be tired going into next week. They'll be hoping Freo meets the Hawks, because otherwise it will be another hard physical contest, which even if they win means 2 weeks in a row going into a prelim.

Freo v Hawks - Huge game and one that could be very very close. All the hallmarks of a classic 50-50 game. Freo has the ground, youth, crowd and Sandilands. The Hawks have class, form, hardened bodies, finals experience and Freo's youth on their side. Ultimately I am going the hawks for all of those reasons, as well as a reasonable record at Subi. Hawks by 24. Tough game next week for the winner, at least they'll be playing a worn out team.

Pies v Dogs - There is basically no reason to tip the Dogs. Pies have them covered on all bases. I can't even think of anything to say that gives the Dogs a glimmer of hope. Sorry. Pies by 35

Swans v Blues - I'm trying to find reasons to tip the Blues, but I keep coming back to their up and down year and the lack of consistency (other than Judd, and even he is spraying it). Its hard to ifnd Blues players that stand up week in and week out. On the other side of the coin, that very point is what makes Sydney good. Its not necessarily their talent, but the fact the more often than not they play well as a team. That and the Sydney factor (I know its at ANZ and they have a poor record their but they lose to damn good sides up there because that is who they are drawn against) and of course the Roos facot, a much better coach than Ratten could hope to be. Swans by 17.

So there we have it, next weeks games are Saints v Hawks on Friday night at the G and Dogs v Swans not sure the ground, but probably the G on Saturday night. (Fixture is just my guess)

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  1. Go the Pies!!! If they lose I'll kill them.

    Go Freo get rid of the Hawks do everyone a favour!!!

    Go Cats, if we make the granny we wanna beat the best.

    Swannies too good for the Blues.

    Why aren't you flying over to Perth??? Soft!!!!!!!!!!!