Sunday, August 29, 2010

2010 Ladder Predictions - the Results

You may recall way back when I started this blog I put in my ladder predictions (

Well, Round 22 is done and dusted and therefore I can do a comparison.

So my predictions were (and where they ended up in brackets followed by likely finish):

1. Western Bulldogs (4th - likely finish 1-3) - Well they were there abouts. They did finish top four. Probably a little below expectation after their barnstorming pre-season. Or is it just another case of pre-season meaning not much?

2. St Kilda (3rd - 1-4) - As I expected (and no really surprise here) they finished comfortably top 4.

3. Collingwood (1st - 2-7) - I had a sizeable range because I just wasn't sure where their goals would come from, but Dawes has been a revelation. In him they finally found a player that can crush packs and kick goals like Rocca did. On top of that their kids came on in leaps and bounds ensuring that that veterans like Lockyear, O'Bree and Medhurst couldn't get games. Oh and I was proved right, Fraser isn't a ruckman.

4. Geelong (2nd - 1-6) - Another great year from the Cats doing pretty much what everyone expected.

5. Hawthorn (7th - 2-10) - I think I was right on the money with my range prediction. Bunch of basketcases at the Hawks. 1-6 after 7 rounds, and over the next 15 rounds managed to get 11.5 and 3.5.

6. Adelaide (11th - 3-8) - Surprised they were this bad, but like the Hawks had a shocking start, unlike the Hawks they started their form too late, and couldn't really maintain it.

7. Brisbane (13th - 3-10) - I had no idea what they were going to do, and frankly neither did anyone else. All over the shop, but mainly due to a horrid year with injury (more so than questionable recruiting)

8. Sydney (5th - 6-10) - Geez Roos is a legend! The surpassed my expectations by finishing one game out of the 4 (and %) and did it with a list that could have easily gone backwards.

9. West Coast (16th - 6-12) - Man they were bad. I figured that they would have been more solid this year, but they are in dire straights.

10. Carlton (8th - 8-14) - They did as well as I expected, so I guess that means a pretty good year all up.

11. Essendon (14th - 9-15) - No real surprises here. They had a crap coach and a crap list.

12. North (9th - 6-12) - Smack bang in the middle of what I thought, but in retrospect I was generous because of all the kids they played.

13. Port (10th - 10-16) - Like Carlton, did as well as could be expected. So should be pretty happy....although they did sack their coach.

14. Fremantle (6th - 12-16) - WTF! Mark Harvey and his kiddy bunch led by Sandilands and Pavlich were terrific this year. Most improved side in the comp without a doubt.

15. Richmond (15th - 13-16) - Bang! Only team I nailed.

16. Melbourne (12th - 13-16) - Exceeded expectations with their host of kids. In particular, some excellent performances, in particular running Collingwood to a draw and a one point loss.

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