Sunday, August 29, 2010

Knights gone!

I love it! Nothing against Matty Knights but this makes the landscape in the AFL way more interesting.

Most people know that he couldn't coach, but look at the list. Sheedy didn't exactly leave it in good shape. Knights hasn't exactly had much to work with. And the incoming coach isn't going to have it much easier, although he may be ruthless.

Somewhat interestingly Hardwick almost got the Dons gig instead of Knights but the rumour at the time was that Hardwick told the Bombers the truth, they had a crap list and they needed to build from the ground up. They didn't like that because Knights offered the quick fix...we'll they've lost 3 years because of that.

Now they need to rebuild from with whatever they can of their list.

So who will coach? My gut feel (known to be wrong) says that they have signed someone already and thats why they sacked Knights now. Mark Williams anyone?

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