Sunday, August 29, 2010

AFL Review Round 22

Freo d Carlton by 6. A see-sawing game which saw Freo really dominate most of the play, but the Blues stormed home in the last to kick 6 goals to 2 to come oh so close. The result reflected the strong Freo play early where they didn't capitalise.

Geelong d West Coast by 44. OK so it wasn't a slaughter, but the Cats didn't try and were woeful in front of goal early.

Hawks d Pies by 3. An enthralling contest of 2 halves. The first a dour struggle of defensive pressure, one which the Pies controlled, in particular limiting the Hawks ability to move the ball out of defence. And a second half that was the opposite a free flowing goal fest, and one that suited the Hawks more so than the Pies. The Hawks looked gone with 10 left and trailing by 19 but 4 goals in quick succession saw them snatch the lead and hold it, due to a dreadful last gasp set shot miss from Beams.

Adelaide d St Kilda by 28. A low scoring affair, and one that ultimately the Saints didn't care enough about to win. The cotton wooled their players in the last and Adelaide won with ease.

Sydney d Brisbane by 38. In the end it was an easy win, but the Lions were in it, at least on scoreboard at half time. Then class took over and the Swans marched on to an unsurprising win.

Dogs d Bombers by 29. I didn't see this game, but looking at the scoreboard and reading about it tells me it would have been boring. Dogs jumped the Dons early and that lead was essentially maintained throughout the match. Yawn.

Port d Tigers by 10. The Tiges were down and out at halftime, after an onslaught by Port that saw a tied game at the first quarter be a 43 point lead at the main break. But the Tigers kick 13 to the Power's 6 goals in the second half to be defeated by time. A valiant effort and one I'm sure Cousins will remember.

North d Dees by 10. Now this really was a see-sawing game! It was close all day, with the Roos controlling the scoreboard at the end of the 1st and 2nd, but the Dees grabbing the lead by 2 going into the last. 5 goals to North and only 3 to the Dees saw the Roos snatch the lead.

This post I'll only concentrate on the remaining 8 teams, as for the others, well, who cares.

1. Freo - It was a tough win and after a belting the week before, but Harvey was vindicated in his decision to rest half his side against the Hawks. His best against the Blues were all those that had the previous week off. They won the right to the home final, and really, after the season they have had they deserve it.

2. Sydney - Did what they had to and what was expected. They get their home final, and going into the match they actually had to play for it. They are playing very well at the moment, and its their youth that are getting them through games more so than their wise old heads. Plenty to like in the Swans camp. So its the Blues next week in Sydney.

3. Hawthorn - Their performance was more meritorious than Freo or Sydney due to the calibre of opposition, however they still couldn't get the home final. It was an excellent match by the Hawks who once again showed they can match it with the very best, and all without their best player, Hodge. The big question is which Hawthorn team will turn up next week in Freo?

4. Dogs - It wasn't flashy and they lost Griffen in the process (for how long?), but they got the win that they desperately needed. They are understrength and face a Pies out fit that will be angry after dropping a game that they had opportunity to win. For me the Dogs look gone, and they'll need a miracle next week.

5. Cats - meh, boring.

6. Saints - They didn't care and they didn't try when they needed to. But they got no injuries of note and that is important.

7. Pies - They were just not good enough on the day to get the points. Does it matter? Probably not. They have broken their winning streak, but really this will most likely rejuvenate them. I wouldn't want to be the Dogs.

8. Blues - Had their chances in the last to pinch it and if they had it would have made a big difference with them playing the Hawks in Melbourne instead of Sydney in Sydney. However this group wasn't good enough, and probably deservedly finish clear 8th, because they are the least likely team to do anything in this finals series.


  1. well done on entertaing us this season. far more informed than I!

  2. Thanks for the kind words ag