Friday, August 20, 2010

AFL Preview Round 21

We're upto round 21 already and we have another guest preview/reviewer. This time Anonymous, the frequent commenter on the blog has stepped up to the plate. I expect some fascinating reading considering he has 110+ tips.

Carlton vs Geelong

The massive pretenders against the massive contenders. The Cats apparently written off after losing to the Pies 2 weeks ago. Hahaha, that lasted all of one quarter, the Pies might be judged the best at the moment but the Cats are the Premiers and have to be beaten in the Finals to lose that title. The Blues well they are the complete opposite. Having said that they are not without a chance in this one. Geelong with one eye on the finals and few virus issues while the Blues or in reality Judd have been playing well. However I’m going with the better team. Geelong by 34pts. Upset 40%

St Kilda vs Richmond

Boring! The Saints are the worst/best team going around, the Tiggers are the best/worst team going around. I’m astounded by the Saints abiltiy to win and annoyed too. To me they have the worst list out of the top 5 to 6 teams if you go 1-22 or deeper however their top 10 players are the equal with anyone. Their bottom six players lost them last years granny (that’s you Milne you dirty --) and I reckon it might happen again. Anyway they’ll account for the fading Tiggers this week with their Saints footy (Saints footy = boring everyone to snores) Saints by 48pts. Upset 5%

Hawthorn vs Fremantle

Hahaha. What a joke this has become. Why not call it off give Hawks the points and let everyone have a rest. About 6 or 7 Freo players are rested along with Tarrant and Sandilands. Dunno who Freo brought in but I’m pretty sure I saw Peter Mann, Ben Allan and even Clive Waterhouse on the ins!!! Hawks going along just ok and should win this by about 10 goals unless they get bored which is highly likely with Hodge and Franklin staying off the drugs just long enough to play footy. Well that’s what I heard!!! Hawks by 60 points. Upset 1%

Collingwood vs Adelaide

The mighty, awesome, excellent, handsome, exciting Pies versus the crowbot ugliness from churchville. Other than immediate fans who cares really. A nothing game and you can’t really tip against the Pies at the moment. Maybe the Crows might get up for Nathan Bock!!!! Haha. Do the Pies need to drop one before the finals? Have we peaked too early? Will Cloke kick straight when it counts? And who’s our best 22? Who cares. If these are the only problems we have then we don’t really have any problems. Just have to put it together when it counts. The Pies should win Sat night unless they are bored into submission. Pies by 45pts. Upset 5%

Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Wow this might be the game of the Round so far. Two teams actually playing for something and not putting the gun in the holster. I think the Swans have the form and playing at home for king of Bloods Brett Kirk’s last game at the SCG that should be enough to get them over the line. Love the way the Swans give a contest every week and Paul Roos is a bloody legend. Keep producing great pickups in Mummy, McGlynn, Kennedy etc etc the list goes on and on. The Doggies seem to have lost something somewhere and no one has a clue what it is. To beat the Swannies up their might a be a good kickstart for the finals but I’m going with the Swannies by 15pts. Upset 49.9%

Port Adelaide vs Melbourne

The exciting Dees versus the doing it for Primus Port! Dees should win this however they are useless interstate. Port playing ok for Primus. Port beat the Hawks two weeks ago at home. The Hawks beat the Dees last week. I wish it was that easy!! Um… I’m going Port at home by 22pts. Upset chance 25%.

Essendon vs Brisbane

Ah.. The disappointment cup!! Just cut the crap and put Hird in as coach would you. This time when the Bombers do a worldwide search for a coach with Premiership experience they might not just go for the guy in the office down the hall who had no premiership experience. The Lions equally disappointing and they are in serious trouble. What happens in the next few years when Brown, Black and Power retire. Their pickups aren’t young and aren’t good either. Buchanan, Clarke, Maguire, Fevola, Raines. No draft picks to help in next few years. I think Voss may have stuffed up! Oh well its only Brisbane and I still hate them for the 2003 grand final. Bombers by 5pts. Upset 15%

West Coast vs Kangaroos

Boomers 300th! What a star. Every time he plays the Pies or anyone for that matter he kicks their butt. Been a great players for the Roos and I think they’ll get up for him even on the road in Perth. West Coast haven’t got much to play for and will probably fold under the shinboner spirit. Bit of a wasted season for the Coasters but they still aren’t as disappointing as the Bombers or Lions!! Roos by 30pts. Upset chance 40%.

Well there you have it. Anonymous throws his opinions up. For me I agree with his tips bar Port and Swans.

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  1. I like the cut of Anonymous' jib! He also has great taste in footy teams. Gun tipster 5/5 so far...