Monday, August 9, 2010

AFL Review Round 19

So what did our guest previewer/reviewer Gaz think about the weekend?

Essendon d Carlton
Well the weekend started poorly for my tips with Carlton bouncing back and cleaning up the bombers. Whatever hope Essendon might have had, they blew away early with poor kicking. Despite getting a fair bit of help from the umpires the bombers were never in it, with no answer to Waite and Garlett. I’ve discovered that I was right a couple a weeks ago – Essendon are crap. Nice to see that Carlton are assembling a nice collection of scumbags - I’m not sure who I hate most Carrazzo or Joseph, but then again there’s always Robinson.

Sydney Swans d Hawthorn
This was a tip that I considered changing – however I’m glad that I decided to stick with the swans. How Sydney can play that well after being so pathetic against Melbourne two weeks ago is beyond me. I guess the ex-Hawks in the team were keen to win, and Goodes was still going to be good, and it turned out to be an inspired move to play O’Keefe as a tag on Hodge. Unfortunately now the Hawks will be even more unsociable when they come up against Melbourne next week.

North d Fremantle
It would be tempting to say that Freo are shot, but you can never be too certain with anything about Freo. Bradley appeared to hold up ok in place of Sandilands, however the lift in confidence that the North players got when they saw the outs for the Dockers was enough to get them firing. Old hands like Harvey and Rawlings made sure that the Roos were never going to let a chance like this go by.

Collingwood d Geelong
This is the one that really hurt. Despite all the hype, I fell asleep early in the game it and woke up in the second quarter with the Cats five goals behind –that was a shock to the system but all was well again when Geelong put the foot down and got back in front by half time. After that I thought I’d better stay awake for the rest of the game. I did. But it turned out to be a nightmare. Geelong looked sore and slow. Better to lose now than September I guess, but the Cats would have lost a bit of their arrogance after this effort.

Brisbane d West Coast
I cannot believe this. It’s definitely time that they got a fresh supply of drugs over at the West Coast because they certainly shouldn’t have let a game like this one go. Brisbane showed signs of improvement last week and their line-up seemed to contain more of the no-nonsense, effective players that have served them well in the past. I don’t think the West Coast would be looking forward to any contact with John Worsfold this weekafter virtually guaranteeing him a wooden spoon. Jonathan Brown: if you read my preview last week please note that I didn’t mean for you to pull a goal out of your backside with five seconds to go and cost me a tip at this stage of the year.

StKilda d Port Adelaide
Thank goodness St.Kilda decided to reassert themselves, so that we don’t have to rely solely on Geelong to overcome the magpies in the finals. Looks like this was game in which everything went wrong for Port while St.Kilda found touch again. As the game wore on St.Kilda appeared to walk over the Power, whose rejuvenation was thoroughly squelched. I don’t think it’s going to help anyone’s coaching credentials to be leaving Brendan Goddard alone to rack up possessions. Looks like Reiwoldt continues to gain confidence and good to see St.Kilda showing a bit more attacking play.

Melbourne d Richmond
Richmond were the better team in the first half and could have held a handy lead at half time in a game that was tight but untidy. In the third quarter there were signs of the old Richmond creeping back, with costly turnovers allowing Melbourne to nudge their way ahead, although it could hardly be said that they were in control of the game. In the last quarter the Tigers drew level and as Melbourne supporters were preparing themselves for another disappointing loss, Richmond decided to go home, the Melbourne forward line opened up and the Dees ran away with the win. Richmond showed why they aren’t the league’s easy beats anymore and if they don’t keep Ben Cousins next year, I’d be happy for Melbourne to sign him up. Melbourne impressed because they were able to win a game even when they only played well in bursts. No need for Hawthorn to be too worried next week though – even though Brad Miller kicked 10 goals in the reserves.

Western Bulldogs d Adelaide Crows
Tight game with a big effort by the Dogs to overcome the Crows in wet conditions. This pretty much sets the top four at this stage and ensures that Adelaide miss the finals. Despite a couple a bad weeks, it can’t be forgotten that the Crows rolled Geelong over there recently, so the Bulldogs would have be happy to scrounge a win under the circumstances.

A special thanks to Gaz for his commentary on the weekends footy. Much appreciated.


  1. Give Gaz the sack!!! Geelong looked old and slow!! Gee they looked fine against Sydney the week before, who just beat the Hawks so they aren't travelling too bad. Got old and slow quick!!! Might have something to do with getting harassed into the ground by a better team on the night!!! Just hoping we haven't peaked and Cloke does a 0-5 in the Finals!!!

  2. I agree with Anonymous. Geelong did look slow, like Brisbane did the year after their 3 GF wins. All those nay-sayer's who continue to say Collingwood are "playing above themselves" need a reality Check. How can you call it "playing above themselves" when they continue to win big games, continue to stifle other finalists, and they still have room for improvement. The pies are here to stay in 2010. Get used to it, as they won't get swept under the carpet easily!

  3. Wow, its good to see the Piemen coming out, brushing off the sawdust as they climb from the woodwork, previously too scared to talk up their chances.
    I haven't heard anyone say they are playing above themselves. Not in the media and not personally. I think you're still holding on to what people said in 02 and 03.
    Personally I think the Pies have been equal favourites for the flag for about 5 or 6 weeks. They are certainly doing everything they can to justify it, which is win.

  4. I believe I was responding to criticism made in the Preview of this Round of "so many Collingwood players playing above their ability". A physical impossibility and more likely to be a severe under rating by an irrational opposition supporter clutching at straws.

    Not coming out of the woodwork either trying to keep a lid on it a little while enjoying the fact we are on top (as you should enjoy if your team is). All good Collingwood supporters know we have been building to this for about 4 or 5 years since we canned the 2004 and 2005 seasons looking for draft picks, which became Thomas, Pendlebury and Goldsack, then Tarrant for Medhurst and Reid!!! Can't recall us losing a final in the past 5 years where we were favourites but we sure won a few were we weren't!

    Nervous though if we do make it through to the Granny we are gunna be facing someone good. We aren't gunna get and easybeat like Geelogn got first time around that allowed them to get the Monkey off the back.

  5. I stand corrected :D

    I do wonder if there is such as a 'good Collingwood suppoerter" :P

    Port has the greatest amount of luck of all time getting to that GF. First they cop a WC outfit with several of their best players missing, and they were still getting beaten until Cousins did a hammy in the 3rd and WC fell apart.

    Then they got a North team that got hammered by Geelong, and then won against a Hawks side that was over excited at winning its first final. North was rubbish, even if it did finish 4th.