Monday, September 20, 2010

Brownlow Winner

Juddy! Wow! What a legend! OK 3 exclamation marks is enough, but how good is this guy when he missed the first 3 games and then polled 5 BOGs in his first 5 games of the year. Simply stunning.

TV footage of the night, Eddie shaking his dead in disappointment as Pendlebury sharked votes of Swan in round 20. Priceless.

1 comment:

  1. Judd!!! Who would have thunk that!! Swannie was stiffed!! Couldn't snare a 3 voter and Pendles and Dids stealing the votes something that Judd didn't have to compete with in his crap team. The umps obviously notice goals and flashy stuff more than Swan's great all around game. However there's nothing new there that pretty much always been the case with the Brownlow. How did Woefofull ever win one?? How Judd got 3 votes in the first Pies vs Blues game and Rodan getting 3 in the Port Adel game alongwith Swan not polling a vote at all in a couple of those massive wins we had shows its a flawed system. However, I wouldn't change it and Judd is a deserved winner. Let's hope Swannie gets the Premiership and Norm Smith this week as some solace. I don't think he'll ever win the brownlow though if he couldn't win it this year I don't like his chances going forward, Pendles may surpass him soon along with even Thomas, O'Brien etc.