Friday, September 17, 2010

AFL Prelimin Finals Preview

Pies v Cats. Well here we are in the penultimate week, and we have a magnificent game first up. The Pies who have been magnificent all season up against the champs who are coming off a training run. Across the board there are great players on every line, but I expect the game will be won from the half back lines. Which one is going to utilise the free man best and which one is going to rebound best. Whilst its a tough one to tip I'm going to back the Pies, because they are fresher. I suspect that if they lose it will be the seasoned experience of the Cats that overcomes the kiddies of the Pies, but I just don't think that will happen. Pies by 17.

Saints v Dogs. From all reports this game is going to be a shellacking going the Saints way. They are starting to hit some good form and the Dogs have done nothing to convince me that they have any form whatsoever. However they improve significantly with Morris coming back in, even if he is 80%. If this is played on the Saints terms and its a low scoring affair the Saints will win. If not and its fast a free flowing, which would mean the Dogs are controlling it, they will be a chance to win. I still like the Saints as they are fresh like the Pies but more importantly the Dogs haven't given me enough to justify tipping them. They were gone last week before they salvaged a third quarter that won the game, but really the Swans kicked themselves out if it. dogs unconvincing, Saints too good by 13 (so low because it will be low scoring)


  1. If the pies win tonight: "Go CATS" will be "NO CATS" tomorrow morning, the Geelong Addy will remain Black and white (not like that stunt they pulled earlier in the year - Blue and white everything) and the AFL football section in the sports pages will be reduced to half a page plus a stats chart (as per usual when Geelong loses). I think a stats chart will be all that is needed tomorrow morning....a "stats chart" paints 1000 words.

    Can't wait for tonight!! It's going to be Brutal...Footy at its gut-busting best.

    Carn the mighty pies!!!