Monday, September 20, 2010

Brownlow Preview

Well its that time of year where the midfielders get celebrated once more. That's right, its Brownlow night tonight!

I was thinking about going through each team and giving supporters of their teams some hope and someone to cheer on tonight, but I got stuck when I got to A for Adelaide. I thought to myself who could win? And all I heard was crickets chirpping. Hmm Brisbane...oh why bother. So instead instead I've gone the cop out. Here's the main chances:

Swan - yep on top of the list because his season has been magnificent. In particular his work after the mid season break was sublime with god knows how many 30+ possession games. However, its not like that was all there was too it, his start of the year was pretty good too. His biggest problem with vote stealing will be Pendlebury with a few cameo's from Didak.

Ablett - quite simply he is a gun. He started off very well and although he appeared quieter, the Cats still won and frankly he was probably close to their best player even though he was quiet. And top it off he had some magnificent late performances. Take your pick for vote stealers.

Hodge - won't win. He was good early when the Hawks were woeful, but that rarely gets you votes. Whilst he'll poll well in the wins, especially in the middle part of them where he was leading the MVP, he got injured late and won't poll in the last 4 (didn't even play the last).

Goddard - has had a great year. Very consistent and was the one that stood up more than any other Saint whilst St Nick was down for half a season. Expect him to poll very strongly, and is a genuine chance to challenge Ablett and Swan. Hayes was also terrific and will definitely take some votes.

And...well that's it..or is it...I have one dark horse. And the only reason he is a dark horse is because he isn't a midfielder.

Sandilands - that's right the giant is my dark horse. He was superb virtually all season, although he missed a couple of games latish. He is a seriously good chance. Whilst Barlow and Pav will take votes early, the Dockers won enough games and he was dominant in most of them. Certainly would attract the umps attention.

So who is my tip? I'm actually going the dark horse. Sandilands to win it from Ablett and Swan. Hodge and Goddard will round out the top 5.

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