Saturday, September 18, 2010

AFL Review Prelims

Pies d Cats by 41. But this was more like a 100 point win. It was a slaughter. A devastating slaughter. A scintillating 1st quarter pretty much ended the game. Relentless pressure was enforced and the Cats had absolutely no answers. I think they got out to 80 points or so at one point and then basically nursed the last quarter and a half. They could not have had a better lead up and are flag favourites by a mile.

So what now for the Cats? Ablett is just about gone, and their game plan needs a bit of a remodernisation. They overhandball at the best of times but on Friday night it was farcical and forced by great pressure. Are they a top 4 team and a premiership threat next year? I don't know, lets see what preseason does before we make those predictions. I will say one player that needs a good hard look at himself, Joel Selwood. Very poor when the big games came in the finals. Love watching him when the Cats are dominating, but when their poor so is he....

Saints d Dogs by 24. No surprises here. Actually thats not ture. I was suprised that the Dogs dominated the 2nd, but like the Saints in the first they didn't capitalise. However the Saints made them pay in the third. Game over. The Saints rely on good performances from their guns, and most shone on Saturday night. Chirst! Even Milne looked good early and when the game was tight he looked their best forward.

So what now for the Dogs? If their smart they'll dog a more than just tweak the list. Johnson, Aker and Eagleton will be gone, Hahn may not be too far and Harbrow will follow Gablett. Which means at least 5 spots and a bit of cash might be available. They cannot win with the list they have, nor the game plan which once again failed them. For mine Eade has next year (because he won't be sacked) to work a miracle, but that is decidely unlikely, and frankly he should step away now and let a new coach have a crack with the semblence of a decent list. Eade's dogs will not win a GF, yet there are some damn fine players on the list.

And that's it. Prelims done. Grand Final awaits us. Pies v Saints and I can say now I'll be tipping the Pies. I don't even have to think about it. I've been on them for ages and I can't see the Saints being able to break their press and pressure. But I am jumping the gun. Lets see the teams before I do a proper preview.

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  1. That was awesome!! That first half was the best, the crowd was going berseck. The Pies were unbelievably good. If they play anything like that again this week the Saints don't stand a chance. It was good we didn't blow out the Cats either, the Pies supporters got to sit back and respect the passing of greatness without sending them off with stupid bronx cheers. Bit of respect for great team that have had a great run.