Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finals are almost here, and so are my musings

Its been a long time in between posts, and I've got my excuses but I won't dwell on them because frankly they are unimportant.

Lots has happened in the footy this year, and we see a virtually pointless round 24 slumbering before us.

There are only two games of any consequence this week; the Blues v Saints and the Swans v Lions. Whilst in the grand scheme of things neither game REALLY matters because the 3 finalists involved are just making up numbers, it really comes down to who is going to face the loser of the Cats v Hawks in the qualifying final.

The expectation is that the Swans will beat the Lions and the Saints lose to the Blues and therefore Sydney will host the Saints in an elimination final. If that does actually happen then the Swans will be the ones getting caned in the semi final.

If the Saints manage to win, then it will be the Saints getting flogged. Ok, maybe no flogged, because they will have form, and experience, and most importantly they are a Melbourne based side meaning they'll provide some opposition to either the Cats or the Hawks; the Swans won't. So for the sake of a contest, lets hope the Saints beat the Blues. The fringe benefit is of course that Blues may well take a confidence hit from the loss and then go down to Essendon in the other elimination final, and won't that be hilarious! Wonder if Ratten will keep his job then? Maybe for just a year so Malthouse can swoop after his year in purgatory (although the Dees may try that tactic too).


It would be remiss if I didn't mention the only other game that is remotely interesting (no not Pies v Cats, that isn't and you're deluding yourself if you think it is), North v the Tigers. This is a battle for 9th, or a tank for draft picks. Essentially, other than laughing if the Tigers finish 9th again, the reason both team want to lose is because the difference in the draft pick they get is about 5 or 6 spots (thank you AFL for pointless GWS expansion). So I look forward to seeing some very crafty and cunning positional changes in the aid of developing players, and also things like Shane Tuck being omitted due to putting in more than the required effort expected in a tanked game.


  1. Surely the difference in one spot would only equate to a 2 place difference in draft pick? E.g. Pick 15 instead of pick 17.

  2. The difference is due to other results. They could finish 12th if they lose depending on other results.

  3. Where is your post weekend Wrap?

    What was the from the Pies?

    Can the Hawks really beat the Cats and Pies?

    Can West Coast win at the MCG in a snowstorm?

    Can Ess vs Carl play a nil all draw and everyone get injured? Let's hope so.

    And will any be able to watch the Saints vs Swans gaem without fully asleep?