Saturday, September 3, 2011


Tom Hawkins, once celebrated as the next big thing in key forwards has essentially proven very, very little over his 5 year career. That's right, 5 years, 76 games and at 23 years old you think that a player as hyped as him would have shown a something more, especially in a side that has been as good as Geelong for as long as this kid has played.

Hawkins as a player is best described as an opportunistic key forward. And he isn't a very good one of those with a remarkably steady 1.3 goal average for each of his 5 seasons (with only twice being a 0.1 variance).

What is so disappointing is that he does look the part of key forward. He is big, well damn well huge, has a great pair of hands, and a perfectly reasonable kick. But what lets him down is his work rate. This guy is a classic flat track bully. He leads only to the space that his glorious midfield directs him, he doesn't demand the ball. He takes pack marks, that he actually should and are perfectly set up for him, not the ones where he has to work. Case in point, last night demolition of the Pies he took a hanger in the goal square, because he was at the back of the pack and the ball drifted over the packs heads. It was there to be grabbed. He just doesn't make opportunities for himself.

He is at his best when the circumstance is favourable, and he is one out or alone. He can't cope with a third man up, it completely throws him out, but frankly why bother, this guy doesn't hurt you.

The other thing that I dislike is that he has no work rate. He doesn't work without the ball. There are no chases, just gentle jogs after an opponent. He doesn't throw himself at the contest, which he should with his big unit type body. He just stands around waiting until someone else does all the work and delivers the ball into his lap.

That's why he is an opportunistic key forward, and why if he continues down this path he'll continue to be Tomadud.


  1. He's not even that good a mark. To think they changed the father/son rule because Geelong picked up such a 'bargain' with this spud.

  2. Tommadud turned on a good game against the Hawks, but he has excuses. Firstly an average forward is only as good as his midfield, and Geelong's was first class on Friday night. Secondly, because of that, the Hawks undersized defence had no chance to set up the third man (and it wasn't helped that Geelong was happy to push another forward into the forwardline to stop the Hawks doing it), and therefore set up a perfect situation for him.

    And still, didn't see too much of a second effort. He'll tackle when someone's there, but he'll not contribute to implied pressure by chasing with any meaning. Laud him for capitalising on the opportunity the midfield gave to him, but not his second effort.

    One game doesn't tell me he is suddenly a good forward.