Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fang's All Australian Team

With the AA team being announced tomorrow I figured that I should give it a crack. So without further ado:

B: Davis, Glass (vc), Gibson
HB: Scotland, McPharlin, Birchall
C: Pendlebury, Murphy, Dal Santo
HF: Goodes, Cloke, Thomas
F: Milne, Franklin, Johnson
R: Cox, Ablett (c), Judd
Int: Kelly, Mitchell, Enright, Fisher

So I supposed a little explanation is necessary. The back half has got everything, a genuine stopper in Glass, the best third man in the game in Gibson, plenty of run and carry and creativity with Davis, Scotland and Birchall.

The forward line has it all; and its mouth watering. The best contested mark in god-knows-how-long in Cloke, the virtually unstoppable Franklin, and if that weren't enough Milne and Johnson have even more tricks. Thomas and Goodes round it out, but realistically in this side their mids, because you can't ground this forward line.

And the midfield, my its superb. Ablett, Judd, Murphy, Pendlebury, and Dal Santo, all feeding off Cox, who isn't the best tap ruckman in the league, but he is the best overall ruckman.

On the bench, midfield depth in Mitchell and Kelly, and backline depth with Enright and Fisher. No forward? Why do I need one when I have scoring options a plenty.

Wonder how I'll go compared to the real thing? I'll comment back with the player (not so much positional) differences.

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  1. So how did I go?

    B: Matthew Scarlett, Darren Glass, Corey Enright
    HB: Robert Murphy, Ben Reid, Leon Davis
    C: Dale Thomas, Sam Mitchell, Scott Pendlebury
    HF: M Murphy, T Cloke, D Swan
    F: S. Milne, L. Franklin, A. Goodes
    R: Dean Cox, Chris Judd, Gary Ablett
    I: M Boyd, N Dal Santo, J Kelly, D Petrie

    So Scarlett in for Gibson - disagree here. Gibson sensational.
    Robert Murphy takes Birchall
    Reid for McPharlin
    Swan for Stevie J - seriously? On a half forward line instead of Johnson?
    Petrie in for Fisher - I get this one on the grounds that Petrie is the best second ruck
    Boyd for Scotland - probably a balance issue with the extra mid but I would have rated Scotland over Murphy