Sunday, September 18, 2011

And then there were 4

Sydney, are a good side. Hard, even, competitive, give it their all. They just aren't any more than that. And it was proven once again against a very good Hawks side. The big question is, are the Hawks better than very good? They'll have to be to beat the Pies who have taken everything, bar Geelong, by storm this year. Based on the Hawks record this year, I doubt they are. Thus far, apart from round1 v Adelaide in Adelaide, they have lost to Geelong three times, and Collingwood once; they've haven't beaten a side above them this year. Its unlikely that it will happen in the prelim.

I had the pleasure of watching a cracking game of footy on Saturday night. The Weagles and the Blues were fantastic in their semi! Cut, thrust, parry! Scintillating and riveting football. But in the end the Weagles were triumphant. And in winning they get the honour of losing to the Cats. Let's face it there isn't going to be a miracle result in the this prelim. The Cats would beat either the Blues or the Weagles. Its a done deal. So much was won in the qualifying final, Cats v Hawks, essentially a Grand Final berth; the technicality of next weeks game will just confirm it.

For the Hawks and Weagles they have one thing in common, and that thing is what gives them hope. They're still alive, and that gives them a hell of a lot more chance at getting to the Granny than 13 other sides.

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