Monday, September 19, 2011

Umpires are bad for the game...

or so way too many Carlton supporters seem to think.

I don't know how many callers on radio I've heard, or articles in the paper (actually comments on articles on the Weagles v Blues game) that have moaned and cried over the hold on Walker and how it cost the Blues a shot and getting done by the Cats.

Get it out of your thick heads, umpires don't lose matches, players do. I'm damn well sick of umpire bashing and using them as an excuse for your own teams mediocrity. Sure, maybe the umps were over zealous and inconsistent between halves in the Weagles vBlues game, and yeah I'm happy to say they didn't have the best night because of that, but here is your reality...they made less mistakes than the players. That's right, players actually make more mistakes than umpires. Any behind, any turnover, any ball that doesn't hit is target, any free kick against (that isn't a professional free), any 50m penalty, and heaven forbid any idiot (Davies I'm talking about you) that throws down an opponent after a goal. All of them player mistakes, and a bucketload more of them happen than umpire mistakes. So get over it, and complain about your own team's performance. If they were good enough they would have won, plain and simple.

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