Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One type of player can make a big difference

With talk of several clubs being interested in Chris Dawes, it got me thinking of what type of player each club needs to improve.

Adelaide - This one is pretty obvious, a key defender to assist Rutten, who is getting on, and probably partner Talia going forward.

Brisbane - with Mitch Clark bound to move on, and with Brown well past his best, KPP forward is the big one for the Lions.

Carlton - KPP forward anyone? Crying out for it.

Collingwood - tough one because they have a very balanced list. I doubt they'll target anyone specifically in the trade period, so I expect them to draft best talent available. but for sake of the exercise, I'll nominate a KPP forward. Brown is retiring, Dawes may be on the move, O'Keefe is developing but he may be better suited as a back man.

Essendon - midfield class! A speedy, skilled, inside, outside mid....or at least the closet they can get to that

Fremantle - KPP forward or perhaps another classy inside mid. Pav should play KPP forward, and in that case you need to replace him with the classy inside mid. But a KPP full forward would be just as good.

Geelong - Their aging on all lines, and even though Ottens is near the end, I think a KPP forward is key because I have no faith in Hawkins.

Gold Coast - hmm, was trying to think of something different, but heck, a KPP forward. They may have one in their list of kids, but a good one would really straighten them up.

Greater Western Sydney - name a position.

Hawthorn - KPP...defender. Pretty obvious. They need a tall, strong, negating defender.

Melbourne - Sorry, KPP forward. They have talent all over, but really that big forward is the thing they need more than anything. They just don't have one.

North Melbourne - Where to start? They have talent, but is it good enough? KPP forward (again). Someone to help Petrie out. Hansen hasn't worked, so they need someone else.

Port Adelaide - er..only one? Nah, bugger it...Ruck, midfielders, KPP forwards would be at the top of the tree.

Richmond - Ruck. I'm disappointed that Graham hasn't come on as he should have, and Vardy seems to be the perfect foil to Reiwaldt, so ruck it is.

Sydney - sigh...KPP forward. Reid looks to be a keeper, but there is nothing else.

St Kilda - speedy, classy midfielder. They need a lot more, but thats the starting point.

West Coast - they actually have a very even list, but another talent inside mid would be ideal to compliment Priddis and the not so durable Kerr.

Western Bulldogs - yet again, KPP forward. They have nothing up there.

Did I get it right? Let me know.


  1. Well based on that does the Fevalenko get a run. Personally I don't think there is a club dumb enough to take him but you have listed a lot of candidates!

  2. Fev - a super talented, super entertaining footballer and KPP fwd, so yeah, even though he is 30+ lots of clubs would be interested.....IF...he wasn't a dickhead.

    Highly unlikely he would get picked up. Maybe GWS; he would be a great drawcard especially if you believe all publicity is good publicity