Thursday, September 15, 2011

Heave Ho Freo!

So Freo sacks Harvey about 45 minutes ago, and now (10 mins ago) Lyon has quit the Saints. Who would have picked that? More sensational than Cornflakes being tipped out of the Saints coaching gig! Speaking of which...karma anyone?

Lyon obviously has rated the Freo list better (or closer to a flag) than the Dees, and no surprises, closer than the Saints as well. And you know what, he is probably right too. Freo were decimated by injury this year and are expected to be big movers in 2012 so I guess its the right decision by Lyon.

Certainly love the idea that this is so out of left field its caused complete chaos...

Dees, Dogs, Crows and now Saints looking for coaches

I do feel for Harvey though. Hasn't really done anything wrong, yet turfed for a 'better' coach.

Wonder if he suddenly becomes a contender for one of the other gigs? Personally I reckon he has done enough to get a look in. And I guess that is more chaos in the coaching conundrum. Will Harvey have enough time to get his head around coaching elsewhere?

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