Monday, September 26, 2011

Who's take Charlie home?

Ok, a quick post just to get in with my tips for tonight's Brownlow.

Juddy, sorry he won't win. Whilst he was one of the stand outs for the Blues, I reckon Murphy was better, especially early in the season. They'll steal votes, and both poll well, but not well enough.

Goodes will go close. The question is on his early season form. He storms home though so I expect a strong finish, but no medal.

Swan? Not for me. The start of the year he was average. He may steal end of year votes from Pendles too, who for me has been outstanding all year and will be second in the count.

and...Mitchell. He can't win it, but he'll go pretty close after some brilliant games in a 10 week period, and he'll pick up votes in other rounds too.

But the winner is...G Ablett. I know the Suns only won 3 games, but he was just so damned good in every game. He'll poll a bucketload of 2 voters, and a few 3 voters like v the Hawks in round 24.

Dark horse? Cox. Was dominant all year, and after mids, rucks are the only chance to win it.


  1. And the winner is... D Swan from Mitchell (ineligible) and Nick Dal Santo (WTF?)

    I was very happy for Swan, especially as I put $10 on him as safety in case my bets on Ablett and Goodes didn't come up.

  2. Well Nicky Dal was the only one I really missed, and obviously the umps saw Swan's first half has very damn good.