Sunday, July 4, 2010

AFL Review Round 14

Blues d Lions by 55. Horrid game. Lions woeful, Blues better but skills not great.

Hawks d Dogs by 3. Huge result, great win. But nothing really separating these teams.

Freo d Port by 57. Easy win to Freo. Port rubbish as usual.

Pies d Weagles by 83. Slaughter.

Crows d Bombers by 84. Massive result from a resurgent Crows. Bombers in real trouble of not being able to arrest their slide.

Cats d Roos by 35. Meh.

Tigers d Swans by 4. Huge effort by the Tiges. Swans need a good hard look.

Saints d Dees by 35. No real surprise with this one.

And the winners:

Hawks - Still surging, more challenges ahead in coming weeks. Can't wait to see how they shape up against Geelong.
Tigers - They are doing everything right and are one of the form sides in the comp.
Crows - Starting to find their feet. Need a win away though.
Blues - Desperate for the win to keep their heads above water. Unconvincing.
Throw a blanket over Freo, Cats, Saints and Pies.
Dogs - Someone had to lose an epic contest, unfortunately for them they did.
Roos- a valiant effort, but just not in the same class. Need wins to stay in touch.
Dees - like the Roos good effort, but really a bit meaningless.
Port - Just shows where they are at.
Bombers - Need a spark to salvage a season that is seriously out of control.
Weagles - They were rubbish, but the importance of the game for them is not as great as those below them on this list.
Lions - They have a really average list. Take out the top liners and they are shite.
Swans - Huge loss. Dreadful result against a very winnable team. Now equal 8th and playing their rivals this week. Big match.

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