Friday, July 16, 2010

Crows impressive and a tip rethink...

How good was that? Watching Geelong dismantled by the anti-Crowbots was fantastic. It's not like I dislike Geelong, because I don't, but to actually see the best team in the comp challenged was enormous. Plenty to like about the Crows for the future and they might just sneak into the 8 if things go the right way for them, because this was one that was penciled as a loss.

This result and the loss of Buddy made me think a little about the Hawks game. Its much less certain now. Too many questions. Will Brown be OK? Will Fev be OK? Can the Hawks actually contain them? Who is going to get the ball to them with Black out? Who will come in for Buddy? Lisle the first gamer? Will Mitchell play or will Sewell come in for him? Is Clarko doing a dodgy with emergencies? Was the tough match against the Hawks last week a reason why the Cats lost, and if so what does that mean for the Hawks chances? Both Cats and Hawks lost the week after they last played.

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