Sunday, July 11, 2010

AFL Review Round 15

Pies d Port by 26 . Port capitalised on a strong breeze and a lotta Choco love early, but the Pies reeled in a 46 point deficit to win comfortably. Pies were simply too good, and it was a great effort to be able to turn the game around from where they were.

Cats d Hawks by 2. Excellent and willing battle that saw the Cats finish with just a bit more class. The Hawks had their chances to pressure the cats in the third by 2.7 was wasteful and they rued it when ultimately beaten by a brilliant 4th quarter by the Cats.

Crows d Eagles by 22. Well at least the Eagles showed some fight. It was a close encounter but Adelaide had control in the second half and did enough to scrounge the win.

Saints d Lions by 14 . A bit of a blah game (I'm sick of Reiwoldt talk too). The Lions did well early by in the end the class of the Saints came through and the expected result occurred.

Tigers d Freo by 19. This was always going to be tight. The Dockers had the game in control before another comeback from the Tigers. It probably was a game that Freo let slip based on how it was played out, but credit to the Tigers for gaining the lead and managing to told it in a tense last quarter.

Swans d North by 30. A strong first half by the Swans saw them 4 goals clear, and good defense for the whole game saw North only kick 7 for the match. All up a good solid win for the Swans. North slowly slipping and desperate to win against a resurgent Tigers outfit next week.

Dees d Bombers by 19. The Dees and their friends the umpires dominated this game except for about 15 minutes in the third when it looked like it was getting exciting, it didn't. Dees with more class and composure, Bombers directionless up forward.

Dogs d Blues by 68. I said it could be a corker. If you were a Dogs supporter it probably was. If you are a fan of footy it was a standard ritual slaughter.

1. Tigers - Another awesome display from the cubs! This team that looked so dreadful for so long is starting to click and frankly sides should be worried. Freo was no easy beat, and yet they were accounted for (and in doing so opened up the top 4 just a little). The Tigers have plenty to like and it looks like some players to work with.

2. Cats - They've found another challenger in the Hawks. If they lost this game all the sudden they would have been third, so there was a bit at stake. However they were good enough and have Johnson and Mooney to return in coming weeks. One thing we all learned was that this year isn't just one way Cat traffic.

3. Dogs - Magnificent win over a team that is threatening to be a rival. They needed the win to shore up their position, and because of Freo's fall they are now withing a game striking distance of the 4. Not only that, but a game ahead of the chasing pack. Port Adelaide looms as an important match, because the week after they are playing Freo for 4th.

4. Crows - They've come from nowhere to be 2 games out of the 8. But with only 7 games to go it looks to be a bridge to far. However things are finally clicking and they can use the rest of this season as a springboard into next.

5. Swans - Did what they should have and now are a game in the 8 and looking ok. Would have been a dreadful loss. Goodes found some important form, but I get the feeling come September they are making up the numbers. Will be desperate to finish 5th or 6th to get that home final, and give them a chance of progressing to the second round.

6. Dees - Good win against opposition that is currently of similar talent. Difference is that the Dees have talented youth that will improve. Bright times ahead in coming seasons.

7. Saints - Did the job, nothing more nothing less and saved themselves for what could be a couple of very tough matches coming up in the Pies and Hawks. Very interesting to see how both those games pan out.

8. Pies - Stunned for the first quarter and a half, but then realised that they are actually a top 4 not bottom 4 side and played an excellent game for the remainder of the match. They did what they were expected to results-wise, and now the sit comfortably in the 4 and with 7 games to go at the G, its pretty much sewn up.

9. Hawks - Disappointed that they didn't take their opportunities but reassured that they can mix it with the best. I'm pretty close to calling the Hawks 'back' but they need to beat Brisbane and at least take it up to the Saints.

10. Weagles - Finally they showed a bit of fight and spirit and that bodes well, but the questions have to be asked where were they in recent weeks? On top of that they lost to a beatable side who they own on their own dung heap. Resigned for the spoon methinks.

11. Lions - Well at least they, like the Eagles, showed some spirit. They lead early and threw the challenge out which is a good sign. However they have lots of deficiencies to work through including up forward and through the middle. Dark times ahead, but if Browny comes back fit they may rediscover some of that early season form.

12. Port - Brilliant early, but that was it. Just don't have the class and confidence to beat a quality side like the Pies. Where are they now? Looking to redeem themselves at the beginning of a new era. I am pretty sure I said they needed to get rid of Williams (and if I didn't I thought it) to move forward and now they have bitten the bullet they'll look carefully at the right coach to develop some talented players on their list whilst cutting some old dead wood.

13. North - Will be disappointed but the sad reality is they need some improvement (which will come) and all their best players. 9th/10th is probably the reality for this season. The big question is next season, can they improve?

14. Bombers - Very disappointing display, but one indicative of their class. Sorely missing Fletcher, Pears and most importantly Hille. They are a different side when they have their best 22 available, but their depth is pretty weak. They have some signs that they can build a side, but reality is that they are years away.

15. Blues - Insipid. Simply outclassed. At the moment their recent form indicates they are nothing more than a pretender. However Sydney in Melbourne and West Coast are both winnable games so they should be able to consolidate their position in the 8.

16. Freo - Horrid loss. They are top 4 and have been excellent thus far, but this was a game they shouldn't have lost. Did the Barlow factor count? Time will tell, but all the sudden they look vulnerable. 4 out of the next 7 at Subi is good, but they play 5 of the top 9 teams in that period too. Interesting to see if they can hold it together or implode.

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