Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Battle for the top 4

OK so 4th is up for grabs and Freo and the Dogs are hotly contesting. The Hawks are the only team with a chance to grab it, and that is an ever so slight chance.

Freo - There form is one in decline. Barlow out and youngsters slowing is part of it, as are injuries. A while back their run looked good, but now with Dogs, (away), West coast, North (away), Sydney, Hawks (away) and the Blues, I'm not so sure. They have 5 potential finalists, and one arch rival (that honestly I'm not worried about for Freo, they seem to always do well against them) and three of those games are away. It wouldn't surprise me to see them with a 3-3 record from these games, maybe even 2-4. I'll stick optimistic and say 3-3 so at the end of the season they will be 14-8.

Dogs - They still haven't convinced me that they actually are in form (or out of form). They are just a bit "meh" for me form-wise. Freo, North, Adelaide (away), Cats, Sydney (away) and Essendon isn't the smoothest of runs. Like Like Freo they face 5 potential finalists, including the Cats. It will be intriguing how this turns out, because I can see losses to all those teams barring Essendon as possibilities. Realistically they should beat Freo and Essendon. they will lose against the Cats and maybe Adelaide if their form holds because its over there. I'll call a break even between the others. The difference with Freo and the Dogs is that Freo could go 2-4, the Dogs conversely could go 4-2. I went optimistic for Freo so I'll do the same for the Dogs, meaning 14-8 (with a good % they'll top Freo)

Hawks - They are two games and % out of the 4 but remain a dark horse. Their form is outstanding, but they have a tricky run. Saints, Port (away), Sydney (away), Melbourne, Freo and Pies. If form continues they get 4 wins, with the Swans being the tricky one. But that leaves the Saints and Pies. Both are winnable for different reasons, but I would be surprised if they did win both. Optimism is the way to go in this post, so 5-1 meaning 14-8. They'll miss due to %

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