Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Battle for top 3

Its an interesting question and these last 6 rounds shape up to be pretty exciting.

Battle for the top 3 - probably the least exciting of the 'battles' for the finals, because essentially it is meaningless. Its obviously between the Pies, Saints and Cats. I rate the Cats as the best side of the three but the Pies are in the best form. The Saints, I think they might just be struggling a bit. they haven't worked out how best to use Reiwoldt especially considering he isn't the player he was. In a few more weeks he'll be back to normal and the Saints should really be flying.

Pies have Tigers, Blues, Cats, Bombers, Adelaide and the Hawks. Realistically only the Hawks should be a challenge, however Tiers, Blues and Bombers are all danger games because they are the sort of sides that the Pies inexplicably lose to. And Adelaide? if their form holds true, even at the G it could be a tough fight. The Cats should beat them. I would expect them to drop no more than 2 giving them a season record of 16-5-1

Saints have Hawks, Bombers, Port, Richmond, Dogs and Adelaide (away). They will win against the non-finals contenders, and I would expect a win against at least 1 of the other 3, but I'll say 2. Gives them a season record of 17-5.

Geelong have Lions, Sydney (away), Pies, Dogs, Blues, Eagles. Only real threats are Dogs and Cats, and I actually think they'll win them all. 18-4 and top of the ladder is my call.

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