Wednesday, June 9, 2010

AFL Mid-season Review - Brisbane

Brisbane 5-6 10th
They started with a bang and won 4 in a row, including taking out Carlton and the Dogs, both currently proving to be in that 4th-7th range and also Port in Adelaide. The Browny and Fev combination was working, the midfield was sparkling and questions of its depth disappeared. Then they got unexpectedly flogged by Melbourne and the slide began. They've won one game since, albeit against the 2nd best side in the comp, Collingwood, but essentially have looked sore and tired and challenged for depth, especially in the midfield.

Like Adelaide, injuries have cruelled them, especially in the back half where they lost key run and carry players and the big boys as well. Ruck injuries exposed a midfield reliant on too few and up forward Browny and Fev have both had their niggles, and arguably they both should have missed games. Topping all that, this is a team that stocked up for a top 4 finish by collecting expendables from other clubs. However, they aint no Swans (the masters of assessing players from other clubs). Even at the time, Fev aside and he fell in their lap, their other selections looked liked 2nd stringers or worse, and so it seems to be proving.

They need Brown and Fev fully fit. They need Leuenberger and Clark (who seriously needs to pick up) to be excellent. They need Black and Power to keep being brilliant, and their second string mids to lift. They need a fit and healthy backline and somehow have to cover long term injuries to players of the caliber of Drummond and Adcock. If all that happens they can do enough to make the finals, and when you are in, you have a shot. However, whilst some of those things may happen its doubtful that they all will, especially when they have 4 tough games in a row in one nasty patch, Carlton, St Kilda, Hawthorn and Geelong.
Their destined for a season of disappointment and will most likely out of the 8 in that group of try hards that aren't good enough. 8th-14th

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