Thursday, June 10, 2010

AFL Mid-season Review - Melbourne

Melbourne 4-7 13th
They've been brave Melbourne, but more often than not that doesn't win you games of footy. You need skill, class, talent, luck and of course experience. And that's what the Dees are missing. Sure they have some old heads, and they have been super important, especially Green, McDonald, Jamar and Davey, but the next batch isn't ready or are treading water for the great white hope Watts (in case you missed it I'm talking about Miller here). Watts is an interesting case, an aside as well, but I think he's been harshly judged. Whilst I haven't seen anything to suggest that he is going to be a superstar, what I have seen is a tall kid that needs preseasons to build up. This is essentially his first season as last season didn't really count as he was still in school. Melbourne are pushing him too hard and he needs to earn his spot. Send him back to the VFL and wait until he starts kicking regular scores before bringing him back in. Big players take time. It's that simply. Franklin and Roughead looked lost in their first season and only started to find their feet half way through their second. Let's assess Watts at the end of next year to see if he is on track and shown anything to look forward to. Sorry, that topic has been bugging me so I thought I would get it out.

Right where was I? Old players doing well whilst the kids learn. It gives a few wins but really it makes no difference for this season. Melbourne will not make finals and frankly, most likely will finish bottom 4. Just look at their record this; after a flogging in round 1 they fought well against the Pies before rattling off 3 wins. That sucked everyone in. A good performance against a top 4 fancy that just beat the premiership favourite and 3 wins. But who did they beat. Richmond, last, Adelaide, second last, Brisbane (gone on to win 1 game, ironically against the Pies) since their loss to the Dees. And Melbourne? Well they have won 1 of the last 6 and that was by 1 point. This just demonstrates they aren't that good, yet. Give them time Dees supporters because there are some great players waiting to develop, but not this year. They'll finish between 11th and 15th.

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