Saturday, June 12, 2010

AFL Mid Season Review - Richmond

Richmond 1-10 16th
Its been a long year for the Tigers, and frankly there is no point dwelling on the negatives because there are lots. Instead I'll look at the hope that they have. Hardwick is a man on a mission. He wants a hard and committed side and over the last few weeks there have been some good signs. Tackling and ferocity at the contest were a hallmark of the Port Adelaide win, and they seem to have gained confidence from that. Its taken time, but every now and again there are glimpses of game plan and its great to see running football from the Tigers. Reiwoldt is obviously a massive plus. He is taking contested marks at every turn and actually starting to hit packs as opposed to being a lead up target as he was previous to this year. He's not quick but has sure hands and that invites the ball to be kicked long to him. One on one he is very hard to stop. However other forward line options must develop. Their midfield is exciting and maturing at a rapid rate. Delidio is a class player who will benefit from others like Cotchin and Martin learning the game, and lets not forget Jackson and Foley. Their defence has some positives too, but for the most part they need to develop bodies. One last player to harp on, Angus Graham. I saw him live a couple of years ago I think and he was awful. Really. But this year he is a massive unit that is a good ruckman and forward option and he'll only get better with time.

They will finish last, there is no doubt of that. But they need to give their fans something to cheer about so a couple more wins would be great. But it would be negligent of the club to win more than 4, because even though their priority pick would be low, they would still be better to have it rather than not.

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