Sunday, June 6, 2010

AFL Review Round 11

St Kilda d Richmond by 38 - I called fatigue as a factor in this match, there was also a significant class factor. It showed. Saints easily, and never really in question, even though the Tigers rallied briefly.

Carlton d Melbourne by 41 - Very comfortable win for the Blues proving that they are moving along nicely and are ready to play with the big boys. Simply, like the Saints, they were too classy for their opposition. Melbourne have some great young players, but they couldn't bring their A game against Carlton.

Adelaide d Fremantle by 23 - A surprising win to Adelaide. Surprising not only because they won but because they did it playing interesting and attacking football. I mean WTF? Where did that come from. Freo? Well they just weren't prepared for it. They battled hard but not enough players came to play.

North Melbourne d Brisbane by 1 - North beat them all over the ground early leading by 44 early in the third before the Lions woke and powered to take the lead in the 4th. The game won by a dreadful but straight kick from a tight angle by Levi Greenwood. The Roos showed real grit to scramble the win, the Lions should never been in a position that they had to reel back a 44 point deficit

Geelong d West Coast by 24 - No surprise in the victor but the Eagles were fantastic to keep the pressure up and hound the Cats all the way. If only for improved skills they may have won, but too many times they butchered crucial possessions. Another story of youth that needs to time to improve. The Cats looked off, not sure how much that was the Eagles, frankly I doubt it was a significant contribution, but it doesn't matter on jot.

Sydney d Essendon by 9 - A game that was tight all the way through with scores tied up at both half time and three quarter time, but 7 scoring shots to 3 in the last (even if they were mostly behinds) was enough to get the Swans over the line. A game by two teams that are in that middle bunch and it could have gone either way.

Hawthorn d Port Adelaide by 11 - What an ugly game, by two teams that like so many others, are in a pack fighting for 7th and 8th. Sadly these two didn't show any real qualities. It was a bit of a slog fest really. Port couldn't make the most of its opportunities early but stormed home int he third and the first half of the fourth. The Hawks did well to weather the onslaught and retake the lead that they had held for most of the day to get the win. Not sure if fatigue played a part for Port, but their kicking at goal was dreadful and they did seem to run out of legs late.

Collingwood d Western Bulldogs by 10 - A massive 2nd and 3rd term goal fest by the Pies where they kicked 13 to 8 goals set up a very good win. However it wasn't without a heart in the mouth finish when the Dogs rammed home 6 to the Pies 1, but it wasn't enough for the Dogs to overhaul the Pies.

Usually I write a bit of a spiel on what the results meant for teams, but this week I'll try to put together a little more on each team seeing where half way through the season.


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