Tuesday, June 15, 2010

AFL Mid-season Review - Western Bulldogs

Western Bulldogs 7-5 5th
The Doggies are a yo-yo, up and down and walking (the dog - bad pun I know, but couldn't help myself). They win some good games, but put in some shockers. The fact they are 7 and 5 shows they are some sort of quality, and their only 1 game out of the 4 so things must be OK. But that's part of the problem, the Dogs aren't supposed to be OK, they're supposed to be damned good. They're supposed to be top 2, not chasing a spot in the 4.

So where has it gone wrong? To much Hall is not a good thing. They finally found their missing piece in Hall, and he has been terrific, but the Dogs have sacrificed their game style to accommodate him. That and the fact that too many have dropped off, and others haven't quite stood up. Age and injury are playing a big part for sure, but my biggest concern is that the next wave haven't quite come up.

However, they have done enough to still be a challenger. They have a mix of easy and tough coming up with West Coast, Hawthorn, Carlton, Port and Freo. They need to come of that with maybe 1 loss tops to be a real challenger. I think its going to be hard, and perhaps they might miss out. 4-7

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