Thursday, June 10, 2010

AFL Mid-season Review - Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide 5-6 11th
Ah the enigma that is Port Adelaide. Last year they were soft. This year they were hard for the first 7 rounds (baring a Geelong flogging they copped) and were sitting pretty with a 5-2 record. Things were great. They were hard, Laidley was a genius who was the obvious mastermind, Williams was coaching better, everyone loved everyone else, and then, Tredrea went down. Who would have thought that one aging warrior, legend of the club with a dicky body, would bring down a club. Not even I did (mainly because I haven't rated him for years and expected him to go down sooner rather than later). And I admit its simplistic to say its all Tredrea, because they have had other injuries, internal suspensions and a massive loss of confidence.

They've lost 4 in a row now and suddenly after their bright start look lost. Frankly I still don't rate them. They have disfunctional forward line that seems to now rely on the mercurial Motlop and a midfield that just isn't quite good enough even though individually there is some good talent. At least their backline has some real promise. Carlile and Chaplin have been fantastic and have been reasonably well supported.

Still, for 2010 they have a better chance than most to grab a finals spot. 6 games out of 11 at AAMI and if they can stay thereabouts after facing Freo, Pies and Dogs in a row (finishing in round 16) they will deserve to be remaining in the hunt. Sadly, I doubt it. 7th - 13th. Things could get ugly.

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