Thursday, June 10, 2010

AFL Mid-season Review - North Melbourne

North Melbourne 5-6 12th
Another young developing side. It seems to be the way it is, your either geared for a challenge or your developing. There is no in between even if there is on the ladder. North remind me a lot of Melbourne but without the number 1 draft picks. They've made up for it with excellent drafting in recent years without the gift. However, they have exactly the same issues. Older players leading the way whilst younger ones develop. The big difference is that their middle tier is just a little more experienced and probably are of better quality.

Whilst they have had 5 wins which is actually an excellent performance considering their most important player, Petrie, has been out all year, and have a single game comeback is injured again. And like the Demons they haven't beaten anyone of consequence, although their best win was a gutsy effort in Tassie against the Hawks. But the analysis here is about the nature of the defeats. 6 losses 4 over 60 points and 1 over 40. When they go down they just lose their way. Tell tale sign of inexperience.

Their prospects for the year are poor to middling. They will not make the finals, they just will not win enough games and their percentage is woeful due to the nature of their losses. I predict they'll be around 11th-13th.

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