Saturday, June 12, 2010

AFL Mid Season Review - St Kilda

St Kilda 8-3 3rd
Interesting season for the Saints. There is no doubt that they are a good side, but they aren't a great side without Reiwoldt. Since they lost their Captain they are 5-3. The last 3 wins have been against the bottom 3 sides, and their losses against 1 legit top challenger in Carlton but the other two against Port and Essendon and frankly, a very good side should lose to teams like that.

So they are not as good as they should be, and one reason is that their forward line isn't potent. Again, other than the last three weeks, they don't seem to be able to kick that many goals. However, their midfield is still doing well and their backline and defensive structures hold up well. They should finish top 4 but the biggest questions are about Reiwoldt. When will he come back, and will he be any good. If it is soon and as normal, they'll challenge hard in September, if it isn't then they may be bundled out quickly. 2nd-6th.

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  1. Let's hope they are bundled out quickly and Milne is booted out of the league.