Wednesday, June 9, 2010

AFL Mid-season Review - Fremantle

Fremantle 8-3 4th
OMG! Never did I expect to be about to talk Freo up in this mid season 2010 review, but credit where credit is due. Freo have been magnificent. They've lost 3 times and two of those were to St Kilda and the Pies. Their other loss was to a retirement pumped up Adelaide. So really if you look at it, they're losses that have some element of credibility to them. However its three wins that have really made people sit up and take notice. 1. They beat the Cats. That in itself is an Everest climbed. 2. They beat the Lions at the Gabba. They've never done that before. 3. They beat the Swans at the SCG. this is undoubtedly one of the most difficult trips in footy, and they did it on the back of a big loss to the Pies. Freo my friends are the real deal.

However, they are just a tad reliant on 2 players; the Pav and Sandilands. Both have been enormous, this year and I think I may have called it in another post, but they could well be the first ever Brownlow medalists from the same team to share Charlie in the same year. Sure lots of players have stood up, in fact most of them have (Kepler Bradley anyone? The guy is a dud, but he comes in and dominates) and that has been a key to Freo's success, but its Pav and Sandilands that hold it all together.

What I really want to see is if one of them (or both) go down for a few weeks. How will Freo stand up then? Its easy to say its obvious, they'll fall over, but I want to know. I want to know what this team is made of and if Harvey can actually coach.

Their next two weeks will tell us a lot, St Kilda and Carlton. One a peer and one desperate to be a peer. 2 wins and these guys are so legit its silly. 2 loses and questions will be asked because it will mean two more times teams around them have beaten them.

Where will they end up? I would be surprised if they could take top spot, but realistically 2nd-5th.

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